About First Harvest Coffee

Our Mission:

Our passion is coffee and we want to share it with you our customers.  We want to be your source for some of the world’s finest coffees.

We search for coffees in the countries that are known for producing the highest quality coffee.

Our coffee is grown in places that possess the attributes necessary for growing specialty grade coffee.  These micro-climates are all at high elevations where the soil is volcanic and rich is nutrients.


Great coffee is not only about where it is grown, but also about who is growing it.  We look for those growers who have totally committed their lives to producing the best quality coffee possible, year after year.  Many have been coffee growers for generations.

Our growers take great pride in the product they produce and realize their success is directly connected to the quality of the coffee they grow.  Through our relationships we learn more about the coffee directly from the grower. With this information we can develop roast profiles that are formulated to accentuate the flavors that are unique to the location the coffee comes from.


We believe that the key to sustainability in coffee is education at all levels.  Education is the investment we must all make to maintain the viability of the supply chain.  We feel that it is our duty to tell the the growers’ story to our customers so they learn about the great care that is taken to produce the highest quality coffee possible.

Our Coffee:

We make every effort to find the best growers in the world.  Growers who are environmentally responsible. We are fully committed to the value of developing strong and long term relationships with our growers so that we can learn as much as possible about their coffee.  

Because we know exactly where our coffee is from, we make every effort to roast it so that we honor the growers and bring out the all the flavor potential that is unique to the origin.

We hope you enjoy our coffee and take the opportunity to sample coffees the various origins we offer.